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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  March 27, 2010 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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a live look over the tidal basin, the cherry trees, all 3,700 of them getting ready to move into peak blossom zones. temperatures in the low to mid-30s. we will see a warmup for anything you want to do associated with the national cherry blossom festival. family day from 10: to 3:30 and opening ceremonies from 4:00 until 5:30. expect highs today only near 50 degrees. sunshine out there. rain before the weekend is out. 3,700 of them, chuck. maybe we can come to you for a brief history of them. >> 3,703, i'm not sure the exact number. >> you are slacking off, chuck. >> thank you. it is a sure sign spring is here. a live at the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin. the annual cherry blossom festival kicks off today. news 4's derrick ward joins us
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live from the tidal basin with more on what you can expect and how you can navigate the crowds there. beautiful images behind you right now. >> indeed, they are. i will step out of the way and let you take a look at them. you might not know it from the temperature right now. a certain sign of spring is the seasonal garland you get around the tidal basin from the cherry blossom. the 98th annual cherry blossom festival. it celebrates the gift of 3,000 cherry trees from tokyo to washington, d.c. that happened back in 1912. you might say this is a gift that keeps on giving. millions of dollars in tourist revenue comes to the city and, of course, all of the visitors. the actual ceremony, the kickoff ceremony begins at 10:00. a big day of activities from cherry blossom tree decorating to caribbean tree bands. speeches from local notables and the japanese ambassadors and
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ballet and japanese theater. if this is part of your commute in to or out of the city, there are some things you will have to know. changes in place for those who take ohio drive. >> all four lanes will be northbound only. so if you are used to coming down the jefferson memorial or going on to haynes point from the lincoln memorial and hugging the banks of the river on ohio drive, you can't do it. >> reporter: now, again, everything starts at 10:00 a.m. over at the national building museum. this, of course, is the focal point of all of the cherry blossom festivities. the festival starts today through april 11th. back to you. >> such a spectular sight out there. derrick ward live from d.c., thanks, derrick. it's official, gilbert arenas will not do jail time. the wizards star was sentenced on felony gun charges which stem from a locker room confrontation back in december. here is his sen stens.
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30 days in a halfway house, two years probation, 400 hours of community service. he must also pay a $5,000 fine to the victims assistance fund. jackie bensen reports on what may have kept arenas out of jail. >> reporter: gilbert arenas can be assigned to serve his 30-day sentence at a halfway house in the disstriblth or in virginia where he lives. neither arenas or his defense attorney spoke to reporters as they left through the rear exit of the courthouse. his fiancee attended the hearing. >> we are really excited and happy, thank you. >> the sentence caps months of drama. arenas pled guilty to bringing four unloaded guninto the wizards locker room at the verizon center on december 21st. he sid said it was tplay a joke. he was charged with a felony after he made what investigators consider to be conflicting statements. one kept him out of jail after prosecutors strongly urged
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incarceration. the suspended star's own words may have helped him. he told the judge, i'm very sorry all this happened. every day, i wake up and wish it didn't. i thought by lying about it, i would protect my family and teammates. i would rather keep a friend and teammate and lose everything else. i'm sorry i hurt mr. crittenton's family, mr. poland, the city of washinon. what we did was stupid and irresponsible. i'm sorry, again, i put everybody through this. another factor in the judge's decision is visible here on the once dilapidated basketball court, the public housing project in southeast washington. those top of the line hoops, nets and back boards, gilbert arenas. the flawless court surface, gilbert arenas. just part of what he has done here says good man league commissioner, miles raul. >> a lot of guys with that stardom and that money that's from this town that's been in the league hasn't done the things he has done in the community. >> reporter: the brady campaign to prevent gun violence issued a
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statement saying that they felt jail time would have been a more appropriate sentence given that this is gilbert arenas' second gun offense. jackie bensen, "news4 today." new today, another vehicle recall. general motors is recalling 5,000 heavy duty chevrolet express and gmc savannah vans. aaulty alternator is the reason. owners of those vans built in february and march are urged to stop driving them and park them outside away from buildings and other vehicles. the auto maker says there have been no injuries related to the recalls. the maryland bill that requires ignion locks for first-time drunk driving offenders is close to becoming law. maryland senators voted in support of the measure. drunk drivers would have to blow into the device. if the driver's breath alcohol content is above a set limit, the car boent start. the device is required for six months and the driver foots the
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bill. governor martin o'malley says he would sign the bill. a horrific crash has left three teens in the hospital, one in critical condition. the crash happened at 3:00 thursday afternoon on lourdes landing road in upper marlboro. it took crews half an hour to pull all the teens out. it is unclear what caused the crash. police in the district are now searching for two men who they believe killed a man in northeast washington. they say the victim was shot multiple times around 1:00 this morning near the corner of 13th and w streets northeast. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police have not given a subscription of what the suspects looked like or revealed a motive for the killing. >> time now is 9:06 on this saturday morning. we are going to tell you about this dog. it's a pretty cool dog. his name is schnoz. >> he is way cooler than his name. >> he really is a hero. he found a woman that was lost in mason neck state park.
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>> plus, the search for the real king of beers. which brews are shaping up to be contenders in beer madness. a cold start this morning. you will love how warm it could get in the next few days. chuck bell's full forecast
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it's been an especially satisfying week for fairfax county police officer and his canine partner. they are life savers. the team saved a woman who was missing and suffering from hypothermia. this all started monday when rangers found abandoned vehicle at mason neck state park. they began searching the trails of the park and then late wednesday night, schnoz, the dog, found the missing woman. julie carey has our report. >> reporter: this is one loveable face, unless the person looking back is a suspect who just got sniffed out. the aptly named schnoz has found
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some bad guys lately. this week, along with handler, pete, schnoz saved a life. the harness is the first signal he and pete are about to get busy. >> once you see the harness come out and he gets it over his head, he knows we are going to work. we would present him with some article we collected at the scene and let him get a smell of it. >> that's what happened wednesday night at mason neck state park. they found an abandoned car and for two days searched for its owner. they tracked down her family, got an article of clothing and schnoz went to work. >> he took off into the wood line about 100 yards. >> reporter: it wasn't long before schnoz found what he was looking for, the mentally disabled 53--year-old missing woman. >> she was at the base of a tree covered in leaves. with the temperatures and her condition when we saw her, i don't know if she would have made it another night or two out there. >> reporter: not all of schnoz' work is done in the deep wowood.
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there is a payoff for schnoz when he finally does complete a search. he gets to i.d. the person he has found by doing this and then he gets a treat. schnoz and his sister, cody, are the only two bloodhounds among fairfax county's canine team. they added bloodhounds back in 2003. schnoz is a second generation. >> a great asset. they have proved it over and over again how valuable they are as part of our overall canine unit. >> reporter: especially on the days he gets his man or like this week, makes a rescue. >> it's a fantastic feeling. it is great to take their innate ability to hunt animals and turn it int hunting humans and locating people and hopefully saving some lives and catching some bad men. it's the most rewarding feeling you can, i think, achief in this line of business. >> reporter: julie carey, news
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4, annandale. >> schnoz and his sister are just two years old. they spent much of the last year training. they have are expected to have a productive police year ahead. just last year training. >> one case where it is good to have a big schnoz. >> and you get paid for it too. if you are like most of us, you probably have a lot of old bank statements, receipts and other personal documents, in your house or purse osh car. >> if you have been trying to find the best time to get rid of the documents, today is your day. a safe and secure community shred is going down at the northern virginia community college campus in annandale. pnc bank is one of our cosponsors. joining us now is lila kraus. we appreciate you talking with us this morning. i know pnc has been involved with this with us for a very long time. we appreciate that. why is this something that u have been committed to for so
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long? >> well, pnc is really committed to protecting the planet and your identity. staying green is important to our employees, to our customers, our shareholders and communities. whether it is from our green branches or events like this, it is something where we are really committed to. then, if you think about protecting your identity, pnc has lots of ways to do that. you can find out about it at our website at events like this are really important for consumers and businesses to participate in. >> lila, good to see you again. kimberly suiters here. >> hi. >> what's the difference between taking the papers to you all and putting them in the high-powered shredders versus doing it at home or throwing them out at home? >> well, this way, we can make sure that the papers are truly shredded including discs and computer information and we know that it will be recycled in a safe and sound way. so people will truly be
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protected, rather than throwing it in the trash. >> when folks start to go through the papers at home, what sorts of thing do they need to think about taking with them for this shredding event? >> absolutely anything that has social security numbers but also any kind of account number, address, personal information, medical records, anything that crooks could use to try to establish themselves in your name. >> lila kraus at pnc bank, always good to see you. safe and community shred runs until 11:00 p.m. bring up to five boks of personal papers and we will shred them for free. >> we need your help to keep this safe. please do not bring any flammables, combustibles or electronic equipment. leave the cds, credit cards, batteries, binders and hanging files at home.
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>> the phones are ringing off the hook in the newsroom. a lot of people want to participate in this today. at least it's a drive-through event. >> chuck bell is in with a look at what's coming up forecastwise. >> the ultimate, sit in your car and pop the trunk open and say, if you could take care of that, i would appreciate that. >> i think you can. >> a little exercise in lifting will help get rid of some of the chill. it is not going to stay cold forever, everybody. that's some good news. complete check of your forecast for the weekend and week ahead straight ahead.
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some really fancy footwork there. the d.c. tap festival kicked off at the duke ellington theater in northwest washington. tap all-stars on the stage last night. even some young dancers joined in on the fun. today, a tap jam session with live music and tap instructional classes. tomorrow, the festival ends with a student showcase. >> if you watch the old movies or fred astaire or origin ginger
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rogers. >> it is cold. >> the good way. >> everybody would think the coldest mornings in march would be at the beginning of the month, not at the end. we have now tied our coldest testimony of the month of march. only 33 degrees at national airport. the last time we were that cold was way back on march the 6th. look at that. there is the money shot right there from our chamber of commerce location. in 1912, they presented mrs. tast, the first lady at the time, with 3,020 cherry trees. that was back in 1912. they have replenished the supply a couple of times since then. the very two cherry trees that were planted are down there on
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cherry street near the john paul jones statue. you will not be lonely at the tidal basin for the next couple of weeks. bright skies overhead. it is going to be a beautiful day outside as long as you have a little extra layer of warmth to carry around with you. our windchill now down into the mid and upper 20s. ouroldest temperature in the month of march. march the 6th and again this morning, only down to 33 degrees. if we miss having a freeze, it will be the first time in washington weather records that we have had the entire month of march without a single freeze. temperatures on the way up. sunshine out there. mid to upper 30s at this point in time. as i mentioned, that little bit of a north to northeasterly wind is going to make it feel very chilly for your outdoor activities up to and including the great smithsonian kite festival. skies cleared out as that low area of low pressure pulled on out.
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for now, high pressure in charge of our weather. it will bring us chilly sunshine for today. gradually, that area of high pressure will be wondering off the east coast. moisture and slightly warmer air starts to come our way for tomorrow. today is a beauty day outside with sunshine. temperatures staying ten degrees colder than average for this time of year. tomorrow morning at 8:00, the clouds will start to be coming in. a chance for a little bit of light rain down into southwestern virginia. right here in and around town, our rain chances really start to ramp up after about 5:00, 6:00 in the evening and after sundown, it is going to be raining around here for tomorrow night or at least the first half of the day on monday. the smithsonian kite festival from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. today, great kite flying weather today. the north wind will help. chilly. high only up near 50 degrees. clouds back tomorrow with rain likely by sundown tomorrow. temperatures staying openly in the mid-50s on your sunday
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afternoon. monday, cloudy and rainy day with a bit of a breeze around as well. tuesday, those winds continue but finally, the dryer air starts to come back in. there you go, the last day of march and the first two days of april there, wednesday, thursday, friday. highs near 70, if i were a betting man, i would say that that friday, that might be a 77, 78-degree friday. >> a lot of kids have spring break this coming week too. >> from college basketball's march mayhem to beer madness, "the washington post" food editor is hosting a contest to find out which is the best brew. here is jim handly with the lucky assignment. ♪ >> reporter: if you are looking for that perfect beer to go with your march madness belly up to the bar, joe yonen is here food editor of "the washington post."
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we have a contest shaping up with our beer brackets. >> we call it beer madness. this year is a little different. we invited foreign beers in for the first time. >> reporter: first up, local, a baltimore brand. >> this is representing our laugers. this is the raven from baltimore. this is a local beer. you can see the beautiful color of it there. >> reporter: next up, a last year's winner as well. >> this one took the whole thing last year. this is a hop back amber ale, a pale ale. for people that like a lot of hops, this is the beer for you. >> reporter: now, we have an oatmeal stout. >> this is in the dark beer category. the best known dark beer in the world is probably guinness. this is from england. an oatmeal stout where rolled
9:25 am
oats are added to it. it gives it a little more smothness. >> reporter: finally we have -- >> a bavarian style wheat beer. wheat gives it a lot of spicy and some cloeves and anise. >> reporter: i think i will sample some home brewed here. very nice. feeling a little better about march now. all right. cheers. a little brew to go with your breakfast. for more on this battle of the brews, check out for places to go out and enjoy some of these beers, check out >> i am not a beer drinker. i haven't found one that i like. maybe i need to sample some. >> looks like you have some winners, maybe. >> it's 9:25 right now. >> bad dog.
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very, very bad dog. wait until you see how much damage this canine did to a police cruiser. >> the man buys a blackberry and gets more than he bargained for. how he ended up with phone numbers
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back to the right? no, back here. how about over here? n-- let's go back to the left. waffling is back at dunkin' donuts. for a short time only, enjoy the return of the delicious oven-toasted waffle breakfast sandwich. america runs on dunkin'.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. good morning. i'm aaron gilcrest. it is saturday, march 27th, 2010. first, a quick look at today's forecast. chuck bell is in storm center 4. brillion sunshine but cold, chuck? a little bit on the chilly side. good morning to you two once again. a very nice-looking day outside. keep a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate nearby as you get outside this afternoon and an extra layer of warm clothes wouldn't hurt. a bright, blue sky is overhead. temperatures in the mid to high 30s across the area. 36, downtown.
9:30 am
35, fairfax city. 34, manassas. 34, winchester and front royal. martinsburg, the panhandle of west virginia, just now up to the freezing mark. anything you want to do at the cherry blossom festival, it will be sunny and cool. the opening ceremony, temperatures only up near the 50-degree mark. it will be the prettier of the outdoor days this weekend. >> what do you meechb a little bit chilly? aaron is absolutely right. it is cold out there. >> ten degrees short of average. >> if that makes you feel better. >> 30, people, 30. >> we are not focusing on the warm weather we just had or the warm weather just to come. >> thanks, chuck. always optimistic. that's our chuck. it's that time of year again. the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. today, the national cherry blossom festival kicked off. peak bloom is happening thursday, april 1st.
9:31 am
it runs through sunday, april 4th. you can still catch beautiful sights right now. here is a live picture of the tidal basin. if you are coming to blossom gauge, you may want to take metro. closed to traffic. only limited parking on haines point. ohio drive will also be one way for the next two weeks. >> our best check, go eastbound on independence avenue, follow main avenue down towards the tunnel basin parking area, follow around to where the jefferson memorial is and go down on to haynes point from that point. >> for a list of events going on at the festival, check out our home page, most of the festival events are free including a parade down constitutional avenue on april 10th. so how did a pair of paramedics in prince george's coun delayer a man dead who was actually arrive? that's what investigators want to know. news 4's darcy spencer has more from largo, maryland.
9:32 am
>> reporter: sources tell news 4, the actions of two career paramedics are under review after a severely ill man was incorrectly declared dead inside his glen arden home. authorities say paramedics were called here to glen arden parkway by the police department to assist in a possible death investigation around noon today. a prince george's county fire department statement says a paramedic unit arrived on location at a residence in the 8600 block of glen arden parkway within four minutes a concurred that the adult male was deceased. at about 1:30 p.m., an official from the county police department's forensic services summoned the fire ems department to return to the scene as the adult male was displaying signs that he was alive. authorities say medics from a different station responded to the home to transport the man to the hospital. officials say that man is alive and receiving treatment. neighbors say the man lives by himself and had not been seen for at least a few days.
9:33 am
a maintenance worker discovered him unresponsive after he went into the house to check on him. fire officials say the paramedics have limited public contact status. the county statement says we will ensure complete and thorough review and if warranted take whatever corrective action is called for to avoid any recurrence. this neighbor says whatever happened. >> we get there, to me, that shows lack of experience. >> reporter: the president of the union that represents the paramedics says the union is cooperating fully with this investigation. a report is expected in the next several days. in largo , "news4 today." she told wtop radio that
9:34 am
democrats need to get the voting rights bill passed this year while they have a majority in congress. she says, we should find out its status in a couple of weeks. she also says mayor fenty isn't working with her to get the bill passed. >> john mccain and sarah palin are back together again at lee the for one day. the 2010 gop ticket hit the campaign trail again. mccain facing a tough re-election, many think palin's star power now outshines mccain's. >> we, we need new republicans. we need new blood coming into the system and new party affiliates for those who are willing to stand up and speak out for common sense
9:35 am
conservative solutions. we also need statesmen and heroes like john mccain in there to help us get through in the coming years. >> this is the first time mccain and palin appeared on stage together since they lost in the 2008 election. the republican national committee says it will continue its fight to overturn part of the campaign finance law that mccain himself helped draft. the rnc will take the dispute to the supreme court. a panel ruled yesterday that it doesn't have the authority to overturn a 2003 supreme court ruling on campaign finance reform. that ruling upheld a ban on national parties being able to raise unlimited donations from businesses, unions and others. that was part of the mccain feingold law. it targets how it can go about
9:36 am
soliciting donations. letters were labeled census documents but actually asked for money and asked recipients to identify their political leanings. it is 24 before the top of the hour. >> i got you and you ain't getting away. >> an arrest in a heartbreaking murder. a little girl kidnapped. her body found in a landfill. a very chilly forecast. get ready for a warmup. how much longer you will need your winter coats before you can break the shorts out again. ♪
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welcome back. a new vept development in the cf somer thompson. her body was found in a
9:40 am
landfill. a man whose house she passed every day is charged with her murder. >> 158 days ago, our community was rocked by the brutal murder of a 7-year-old child. >> reporter: when the sheriff of clay county made the announcement, the room full of the team that made the arrest possible, team somer, and friends, reacted. >> jared harold has now been formally charged with the murder of somer thompson. >> reporter: the sheriff called it a crime of opportunity. he says on october 19th, harold allegedly made contact with summer as she walked home from school and then killed her in his house, a house she passed by every day. cause of death, asphyxiation. >> we have evidence that will show that harold assaulted somer and killed her and dumped her body in a dumpster which ultimately ended up in a
9:41 am
landfill in georgia. >> reporter: what is their case against harold? evidence law enforcement found in his house. dna and even admissions from harold, himself. >> i would like to take this opportunity to say to jared harold, we got you and you ain't getting away. >> reporter: in a separate news conference, somer's mother did not hold back. her aunt fainted. her mother paused and explained how she will tell her children. >> i am just going to tell them that the monster is caught and locked up and he will never get out. >> that was michelle meredith reporting. harold is also charged with lewd and lascivious battery and sexual battery and premedicated murder. if he is found guilty, this case qualifies for the death penalty. millions of americans become victims of identity theft. today, you can take a major step to prevent yourself from
9:42 am
becoming one of them. >> nbc 4 is holding another safe and secure community shred this morning. it isaking plate at the northern virginia's community college annandale campus. alan joins us live from annandale. you have your safety vest on. is that because you have been near the shredder? >> we are directing people through so we can get as many people to take care of their shredding as they can. >> usually, there is a long line of car toss get their documents shredded. >> we've got different kinds of trucks out there that run high speed so we can try to service the customers and get as many people through as we can. we average about 2000 cars on one of these events. >> what are you seeing people bring in? what sorts of things do you want them to bring in? >> their secured dock kurumentst has none of their identity o personalization gets out there so that way, with the days of
9:43 am
fraud, nowadays, people are being more secure with their documents to make sure everything gets out of there. >> what does happen to all of that paper after you shred it? >> we have our crew is back in our warehouse that does the bailing. we have a live load going to waste management to take this to i a recycling plant. >> does it get turned into some other material or probably not burned? what exactly do you do? >> it is recycled. it goes back into new products, recycled papers and boxes and stuff like that. we try to separat the good paper and the bad paper so we can get a better quality of
9:44 am
recycling. sometimes it is paste paper. sometimes it is paper bags. whether it is good or bad, it goes to both recycling plants to help get rid of it and save the environment. >> we will let you get back to work helping folks get through the line. we hope you have a great event out there this morning. >> we always do. it is always good to do this for the community. >> thanks, alan. >> to recoup, today's safe and secure community shred runs at the northern virginia community college annandale campus until 11:00 a.m. five boxes of personal papers will be shredded for free. all the paper will be recycled. >> do not bring for safety reasons, any flammables, combustibles or electronic equipment. you can also leave the c.d.s, credit cards, batteries, binders and hanging files at home. >> if you are going down there, it looks like the cars will pull up and help you get everything out quickly. you don't have to worry about
9:45 am
the cold. >> they have it down to a science. 9:44 right now. let's check in with meteorologist, chuck bell. it looks like you don't have to get out of your car. >> good news. my boxes of paper are enormous. the five of them, i can barely fit it into my car. outside, on your saturday, no matter what you are planning to do, you will probably need a sweater to do it in. a complete check of the forecast
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today is a blackout for many landmarks around the world. tonight, everyone will observe earth hour. buildings in up to 4,000 cities and 120 countries are turning off their lights at 8:30 p.m. local time for one hour. organizers hope to draw attention to the dangers of climate change and energy consumption. expect the empire state building to hit the switch along with the washington national cathedral and the wilson building and the smithsonian castle. >> this idea for earth hour came up over a beer. >> the best ideas come up that way. >> let's check in with meteorologist, chuck bell. good morning. >> some of the best and also some of the worst. >> well noted.
9:49 am
>> there are a lot of relationships that have the same thing, good, bad, the same. outside today, all you have to do is have a little appreciation for the variability of the weather around the washington area. five 70 degree or higher days in the last ten. that's good news. we will have more 70s before the next seven days are over. keep that in mind. today is the day that it does not feel like 70 degrees. it feels very chilly indeed. there is a live picture down alongside the tidal basin. a purple hoody that will help you blend in with the pinkish flowers out there. just need your sweater and a little hood. the temperature is on its way up from a chilly start. we are at 36 degrees right now. winds are out of the north at 10-15 miles an hour keeping our windchills below freezing. we drop down, so far, 33 this morning. that's twice this month. we have made it down to 34
9:50 am
degrees without a freeze yet here in the month of march. this will be the first time ever if we manage to go the whole month without a freeze. temperatures around the rest of the eastern seaard also fairly chilly. boston at 28 degrees. the real cold stuff is up across upstate new york into far northern new england. caribou, maine, balmy, 7 degrees. real cold stuff out there. as a result, 36 here in town. doesn't feel quite so bad by comparison. here is the view of the satellite picture offer the last 12 hours. there goes the st of the clouds off the east coast of the u.s. and moving off to sea. we get 100% sunshine for today. will be chilly with temperatures holding, about ten degrees colder than average for this time of the year. the moisture is going to start riding up on the back side of that area of high pressure. as a result, the high moves off the new england coastline late today and overnight tonight. it will allow the moisture and
9:51 am
cloud cover to start moving in from the ohio valley and much of the midwest. as a result, the clouds will be on thencrease during the day tomorrow. a chance for a little light rain first thing in the morning. i think we will be dry around washington itself until probably metime in the late afternoon hours tomorrow. once the rain showers start moving in, it will be quite a soaker around here. half an inch to an inch of rain between sunday night when the sun goes down and monday morning when the sun goes back up. very unsettled weather. if you want to go do something nice, go fly a kite everybody. the smithsonian kite festival, in addition to everything there is to do downtown, this runs from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon, the smithsonian's annual festival. down near the base of the washington monument, between 15th and 8th avenue. north to northeasterly winds,
9:52 am
perfect for kite flying. clouds come back tomorrow. rain likely by sunset. could get a few raindrops earlier than that. the bulk holds off 'til about sundown tomorrow. tomorrow's high, 56 with increasing clouds. more off and on showers through much of the day on monday. breezes will be back as well. be on the lookout. as we get into the middle parts of next week, when we are expecting the blossoms to reach their peak, the weather also will be peaking near perfect for anything you would like to do. temperatures way up into the 70s as we head towards wednesday, ursday, friday of next week. >> all right, chuck. >> how many cherry blossoms out there, chuck? >> 3,750 around the tidal base. >> look it up. >> i look everything up. >> thank you, chuck. gilbert arenas has learned his fate. >> he is not heading to jail but his future with the wizards is still unclear. here is dan hellie with your
9:53 am
sports. >> good morning, everybody. gilbert gets off relatively unscathed. the wizards superstar avoids jail time completely. he will spend 30 days in a halfway house and two years on probation. the question now, how do the wiz yards continue and what role exactly will arenas play in the future of the franchise? arenas is still owed more than $80 million. he is almost untradeable. we did ask a couple of writers who know him pretty well what their take was. we start with washington post columnist, mike wise, who has talked with gilbert extensively over the years. >> i think a lot of people are going to be disappointed because gilbert has polarized this town, not just on the basketball court but over this incident. a lot of people feel like this is a guy who has given his free time to this community and why is he treated like a men nas to the society. othersill feel like, if i brought my guns into the
9:54 am
district and did what gilbert did, i would be i jail. i don't know if there ace right or wrong answer, i know gilbert has polarized d.c. >> if he is that guy in 2007, a guy who won games for you at the end, that talent level with a lot of maturity, yes. we haven't seen that guy since 2007. we need to see a gilbert arenas who is a team guy, team first guy, who is not going to break off plays to shoot three-pointers. that's what the wizards are going to have to see if you can give any pretense to building a team around this guy. >> t&tnba analyst, david aldridge. while the circus appears to be over here, the wizards were working on history down in charlotte. the guys lose their 14th straight, setting a new franchise record for futility. flip saunders is using a different starting lineup for
9:55 am
the 24th time this season. flip saunders trying to draw up a plan to snap what was a 13-game losing streak. didn't work. second quarter, wizards down by five. bad decision by andray blatche. theo ratliff makes a nice play and throws it down. things were not looking very good. a quick play by mike miller to get it in bounds. blache hanging out down there. he had 18. makes it a five-point ball game. he had zero instances of ignoring his head coach. third quarter, wizards trailing by 13. alonzo making his first start for the which. it was pretty good. 19 points per g. the charlotte bobcats, just too much. shaun livingston with his turnover. raymond felton pushes it and throws a nice little alley-oop to gerald wallace. charlotte hands the wizards their 14th straight loss. 107-96 was the final.
9:56 am
butler and kansas state up 4. that's your sports. i'm dan hellie. have a great weekend? it's 9:55. still another half hour of "news 4 today," the weekend edition. >> that includes a trip down to the tidal basin. a sure sign of spring in the nation's capital, the cherry blossoms show their true colors. derrick ward. we'll have details coming up. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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good morning, everybody. well tom to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilcrest. i'm kimberly suiters. it is saturday, march 27th, 2010. the news is just ahead. a quick look at today's forecast. not trying to rh the weekend. let's check in with meteorologist, chuck bell. is it a situation where people are going to go out with all these layers and have to peel them off throughout the day. it all depends. if you sit in a shady spot, you will probably need your sweater or jacket on. if you are out in the sun, you will probably be okay. it is going to remain on the
10:00 am
chilly side today. no doubt about it. we have sort of jumped back to early march laich temperaturlik across the area. 35 degrees in chantilly, virginia. 32, martinsburg. 33, hagerstown. frederick, maryland, so cold, didn't bother to send a temperature in. if you are going to go out jid, temperatures are going to be in the mid to high 40s for most of famtly day activities. opening ceremony between 4 and 5:30. temperatures in the high 40s to right at the 50-degree mark. it will stay on the chilly side today. as long as you keep moving, i think you will be okay. highs up near 50 degrees. we will have another check of the seven-day forecast and maybe some more cherry tree facts coming up in a bit. >> we are looking forward to them, thank you, chuck. >> the temperature may not say it. trust us. spring is here. a sure sign of that visible right now. a live picture of the cherry
10:01 am
blossoms around the lake tidal basin. the annual cherry blossom festival kicking off today. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from the tidal basin with all that we can expect and how we can navigate through some of the crowds there. derrick, you are amid some beautiful imagery there at the tidal basin. >> indeed, i am. hopefully, some of it rubs off. i will stel out of t i will step out of the way and let you look. the crowds are just starting to grow. this is the 98th annual cherry blossom festival celebrating the gift from the people of tokyo in 1912. people are coming down to take advantage of it and enjoy. we are already starting to see some effect of this festival on traffic. the roots that lead into the district and out of the district generally around the tidal basin and potomac, do become a bit
10:02 am
clogged as more people flock down here. they take all the beauty of one of the most iconic views of the nation's capital. if you are one of the people who takes flooroots in and around h there are some things you need to know as they pertain to ohio drive. >> all four lanes are going to be northbound only. so if you are used to coming down to the jefferson morial or going on to haynes point from the lincoln memorial and hugging the banks of the river on ohio drive, you can't do it. >> the kickoff of the festival shall the formal kickoff is starting about now at the national building museum, lots of performances and events where they will be decorating cherry blossom trees from notables and things like that. 4:00, another aspect of it, the final kickoff. the festival runs through april 11th. we are live from the tidal
10:03 am
basin, back to you. >> if you stand in the trees, right in the middle in a photo, you can't see your face. so you look great. >> thank you. i will carry a tree around with me. >> derrick ward live for us down at the tidal basin. theherry blossom festival isn't all that's going on around town. right now, the epilepsy foundation is holding its fourth national walk for epilepsy on the nation many mall. a number of nfl stars are walking including alan faneca of the new york jets. gilbert arenas was sentenced on felony gun charges. he will have to serve 30 days in a halfway house, two years probation, 400 hours of community service and he must pay a $5,000 fine to the victims' assistance fund. the team was in charlotte when they learned of gilbert's fate. head coach, flip saunders, was
10:04 am
asked about the sentencing. this is what he had to say. >> i think any time as an individual, he didn't need jail time. like i said, i think that in the conversation i had with him, i think he is aware that he did something that was very stupid. he is aware there is going to be some type of consequences. now, he can move forward. >> the wizards released this statement shortly after the ruling. it says, we believe today's sentencing of gilbert arenas can help bring closure to the unfortunate situation that has played out over the last three months. he has admitted hs mistakes and will pay his debt to the community. we now look forward to moving on and focusing on building this team into the contender our outstanding fans deserve. >> two manassas men are facing several charges this morning. this all started early yesterday morning in the parking lot of a
10:05 am
restaurant in manassas. police were responding to reports of a fight when the officers say an suv sped out of that parking lot. after almost crashing into another police car, investigators say the driver led officers on a high-speed chase. police chased that driver back to the restaurant lot where he tried to crash into another officer. the driver eventually crashed and was arrested. he has been identified as 28-year-old dwight lawton. his passenger was also arrested. the time now is 10:05. the man buys a cell phone and ends up with an all-star phone book. did he make a call to patrick ewing and wayne gretzky? we will tell you. plus, bee wewear of dog. wait till you see what a dog
10:06 am
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
don't be alarmed if you see a lot of emergency vehicles near the roslyn or foggy bottom stations late tonight. this is just a safety exer sigh. metro is simulating a train explosion with hundreds of people pretending to be hurt or killed. metro does expect some delays tomorrow because of this. it suggests you add about half an hour to your trip tomorrow if you are planning to take the blue line between foggy bottom and arlington cemetery or the orange line between foggy bottom and courthouse. a utah man got more than he paid for when he bought a used cell phone from a thrift store. when he got e blackberry home and activated it, he found a contact list with the numbers of several high profile sports figures, patrick ewing, wayne gretzky, marv albert and david stern. the man does not want to be publicly identified.
10:10 am
he said he discovered the blackberry once belonged to the former gm of the nba's utah jazz. >> i could sell it on ebay. i could go to espn, or a lot of people. that's notho i am. my parents taught me to be honest. that's what i am going to do. >> good for him. although, he was tempted to call some of the folks on the contact list. the man said, the best thing to do was to return the blackberry to its previous owner. >> how tempted would you be to call up david stern and let him know what you think. >> i would have to call somebody, just to feel like i know somebody special, you know. >> in a moment, we are going to check in with chuck to let you know when it is going to warm up. it is really chilly today.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
today, you can take an important step towards protecting yourself from
10:14 am
identity theft. nbc 4 is holding another safe and secure community shred this morning. >> you can bring all your bank statements and other personal documents to the annandale campus of northern virginia college. joining us is jessica bacxter ad jeff jeffrey smithburger. >> let's start with jessica. why did northern virginia community college decide to get involved in this project? >> this is the second time we have done this event. it has been a great experience for us. as a community college, we try to give back to the community, protecting your identity is something we would like to participate in. you can just bring your cars here. bring up to five boxes. you come in and out. it's great. >> jeffrey, we know that you are sort of intimately involved with the crash collection there in fairfax county. what's the value to the county
10:15 am
to be able to have all this material likely tons of paper recycled there a fairfax? >> well, it's a very good opportunity for our residents to come out and securely be able to dispose of materials that they don't have and don't want to fall into other hands, things like tax documents and other bank statements. it is a great partnership to partner with nbc 4, the community college and pnc bank. we have served over 1500 customers. we are still working away. we have a great, great setup here this morning. the wet thisser atheis fantasti. a great day for shredding. >> when homeowners throw out their papers from their curbs, it doesn't get shredded like this? >> that's correct. nowhere does it get shredded like this. if you throw it out at the curb, it goes to a recycling processing facility. it goes to a facility where eventually it will get shredded.
10:16 am
if you want to make sure the documents are protected, bring it to an event like this is the best way to make it happen. >> jeffrey smhburger with the division of solid waste and collection there in fairfax county and jessica baxter in northern virginia community college, thanks for helping us out with this project. we'll let you guys get back to work out there. >> to recap. safe and security community shred runs until 11:00 a.m. at the northern virginia community college annandale campus. bring up to five boxes of personal papers, we will shred them for free. all the paper will be recycled. >> we need your help to keep this event safe. please do not bring any flammables, combustibles or electronic equipment. you can leave the c.d.s, credit cards, batteries, binders and hanging files at home when you venturout. 10:16 right now. let's check in with chuck bell to find out when the warmup is going to happen. >> the warmup is already under way. we are no you warmer than a few hours ago.
10:17 am
that is one way of spinning it. the real warmup, warmer as if you are wanting to come back. the 70-degree day, that's still a little ways away. we have a chilly day today. we have rain showers to get through before the weekend is out. once we get into the middle parts of next week, everything is going to be coming up roses and cherry blossoms around her outside on your saturday morning, the sun is shining brightly out there. temperatures are struggling a bit out there. we are now up to 39 degrees here at the station in northwest washington. temperatures continuing to pick up at you check our weather map here. 38 degrees in fairfax county. the north wind is still blowing out there, keeping windchills in the upper 20s to around the freezing mark. a little bit of a bundle-up factor for you this morning. you really don't need the heavy winter jackets. a little sunshine. it is strong mar sunshine. as a result, just sitting in the sun, as long as you are out of the breeze, i think you will feel at least relatively comfortable. temperatures almost up to the 40-degree mark around town.
10:18 am
it is 40 down into southern maryland. 39, national airport. 38 degrees as you get out towards fairfax and falls church. 37, manassas. 36, winchester. the chilly air goes all the way down into the deep south. rall r raleigh, north carolina moves into the 30s. cincinnati, ohio, 36 degrees. high pressure building in. as a result, a lot of sunshine expected for your saturday. the prettier of the outdoor weather days this weekend. tomorrow, those clouds out across the middle parts of the couldn't interest i will start to sneak up. the moisture riding up and around the back side of our ridge of high pressure. as the high moves off, it allows our winds to start coming back around to the east and southeast. that starts bringing in atlantic moisture and that big area of low pressure coming into the western parts of the ohio valley late tonight and early tomorrow, that will start to spread clouds into our sky as we get towards late morning, early afternoon tomorrow. this is our futurecast model. these areas of blue, possibility
10:19 am
of rain first tng in the morning, mainly down to our south and west. as we get towards 8:00 tomorrow night, that area of low pressure moving in just after the sun goes down tomorrow and lasting into sunday night and early monday. get outside and go fly a kite today. one of the best days for your friends and loved ones to tell you, there is a smithsonian kite festival down at the national mall. 15th and independence. the44th annual smithsonian kite festival. great kite flying weather today. is their website. the sun doesn't go down until 7:27. i'm curious. i think that the blossoms look prettiest since the sun is going down and just as the sun is coming up. i like that long shadows along there. tomorrow, get out at sun rise. by sundown, the clouds will be in place and rain will be likely by late in the day tomorrow and
10:20 am
on into monday. the temperatures d start to recover a bit from this chilly day today. our average high temperature, about 61 degrees this time of year. staying at or below average for the next four days, after that, wednesday's high, up near about 65. thursday's high, 73ish, somewhere in there. friday, next week, that might be a 78 or a 79-degree friday with sunshine and peaking cherry blossoms. make your collection paid directly to me. >> some people like the cold stuff, a little winter lingering out there. >> i'm a winter lover. i get in trouble every time i talk about snow fall. so i'm not going to say anything. it's 10:20 right now. stim ahead. a dog with zero respect for authority. >> just wait until you see how this canine
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
""the hurt locker"" brought the real life drama of men and women in the armed forces and what they face daily to the big screen, a reality many of them never escape when they return home. thousands of men and women who serve in iraq are coming home with ptsd, a condition that researchers are saying may have physical as well as mental effects. jean elly reports. >> you are rolling down this road getting ready to turn when our vehicle just went, "boom." that's kind of all i remember. >> reporter: steven edwards left the battlefield in iraq five years ago. the horrors of war never left him. >> ten or more and my heart starts racing. i start sweating. i feel like i can't catch my breath. >> reporter: edwards has
10:25 am
post-traumatic stress disorder. they say 11 of 20 out of 100 have ptsd. it is considered a mental health eahealth issue. resechers say they have located a physical change. part of the brain gets smaller. >> it is associated with the regeneration of neurons. >> reporter: dr. norbert shoe says a physical indicator will make diagnosis faster and may lead to more effective treatment. >> it demonstrates it is a disease, something people have in their brains. >> reporter: any advancements will benefit troops. many have to fight for treatment. >> he has been shot. he has been blown up. he has been wounded. he has a purple heart to show that. this could relate to his ptsd. still going through the process. a process thousands of veterans
10:26 am
will face. jean elly, nbc news. researchers say they now have to replicate the study to verify the findings. work on diagnosis and treatment can begin. mcgruf, the crime dog, might be known for taking a bite out of crime. some dogs in tennessee are now known for taking a bite out of a crime-fighting vehicle. a police officer in chattanooga was filling out a police report when the car just started shaking. it was all thanks to these guys, a couple of criminal canines who managed to rip off part of the bumper and damage the tires. the officer had to use a taser and chemical spray to get control of the dogs. the leader of the pack was released to his owner last he can woo. he was in the doghouse with the judge who sentenced him to obedience and canine good citizen classes. >> you can see how the officer is trying to shake them free. those dogs are street savvy. >> and hungry. >> or something. >> that is it for "news4 today."
10:27 am
thanks for starting your day with us. we'll be back tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. have a great day, everyone. enjoy the cherry blossoms.
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